3 Simple Tips to Reduce Jet Lag


Unless if you are constantly traveling first class or business class, chances are you are not getting adequate sleep and rest that you need or require to function well. Luckily we decided to publish this just in case you are thinking about flying somewhere for new years!

Luckily we will share 3 tips on how you can reduce jet lag. Traveling takes a toll on your body especially when flying long distances, our circadian rhythm is not designed to adapt quickly to the time differences spanning the globe.

#1 – Modafinil & Adrafinil

The reason the afinils work best for jet lag is quite simple, the drug is currently used by those who need to stay up for extended periods of time with full mental capabilities. Think those that work long night shifts such as Doctors, Pilots, or even Security guards.

These drugs will not FIX your underlying jetlag but will mask the symptoms in the interm — so you don’t feel groggy and can perform your best when you need to for things like giving a keynote or attending an important function the day after.

Your MD would the best person to speak to regarding this travel hack, alternatively you can even buy Adrafinil online for much cheaper. This hack will get you performing well the day after but is not a substitute for the following which too can or should be done to bring you back to normal asap.

#2 – Water, Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

The dry air circulating throughout the cabin is detrimental to your body which leads to excess dehydration. Keep in mind most airlines leave water bottles beside the washroom in the kitchen area so the the staff does not need to drop it off for every passenger all the time, so get up, and get some blood flow and grab a bottle for each visit to the bathroom or generally if you feel even a bit thirsty.

Caffeine may be useful if you are about to land and need a bit of energy to get going but caffeine in any form can lead to dehydration, but it is still better than consuming Modafinil if you are landing in the evening and intend on getting to your hotel and sleeping afterwards.

Alcohol is a common tool used to fall a sleep on the airplane and just to try to mentally cope with the boredom of flying for long hours, however alcohol has repeatedly shown to hurt the recovery from jetlag. If you are going to drink, consider a clear liquid, like white wine or Vodka for health reasons (that’s if you must drink!)

#3 – Compression Socks

In health we often say prevention is better than the cure, compression stockings are the perfect way to prevent proponents of jet lag.  Blood moves slower when your calf muscle is not in motion which could cause blood blots, deep vein thrombosis as well. With these socks you are able to increase blood flow and prevent swelling.

Look to buy 20mmHg compression socks, and do some leg stretches with them on such as the heel to toe exercise which wil provide oxygen from increased blood to the legs. Compression stockings are a cheap tool much like Adrafinil as mentioned above, these retail for about $25 to $45 and can be bought from just about anywhere.


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