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Hepatitis E - India (Mumbai)

7 January 2005

Winter is usually the time for viral infections, but this year there is a worrying and unusual yellow tinge in the city's healthscape. Hepatitis E virus infection - with its visible trademark, jaundice - is sweeping across the city's southern peninsula. What is even more worrying is that public experts have not been able to locate the outbreak's source. 93 people died of the disease in 2004 - almost the double number for 2003.

Malaria, resistant - India

7 Janauary 2005

The malaria parasit is increasingly becoming resistant to chloquine, and incidence of deadly falciparum is on the rise in the country, suggesting a reappraisal of the tratment approach, so that a combination of drugs is used rather than only chloroquine, scientists said here.

A study at the Indian Institute of Science in which 73 samples were analysed showed that 95 percent of malaria cases were resistant to chloquine, Dr. Padmanabhan, Hony Professor at the Indian Institute fo Science told a plenary lecture on "Scientific Challanges in Compating Malaria".

Sleeping sickness in eastern Uganda

December 13, 2004

At least nine people were killed in an outbreak of sleeping sickness in Katakwi district, some 240 km notheast of the Uganda capital Kampala, The New Vision reported. Local official Geoffrey Okaka was quoted by the state-owned newspaper as saying that 27 adults had been admitted to Lwala Hospital. He added that the health ministry of the country has given the district 2000 tsetse fly traps, the insect that transmits the often fatal disease. In August of this year sleeping sicness broke out in Kaberamaido district, bordering Katakwi, people having died in that outbreak.



Tetanus Tsunami-related - Indonesia

7 Janaury 2005

In Aceh there are at least five patients with tetanus admitted in the public hospital. At this stage we have no clearer idea of case numbers, nor of deaths from this disease. There is also a shortage of tetanus immune globulin in the area.

Typhoid Fever - Gabon (Woleu-Ntem)

7 January 2005

An unprecented outbreak of typhoid fever has been confirmed in the northern forests of Gabon, causing one death so far, national radio announced.

Around 50 cases of the water borne disesease have been reported over the past month in Oyem, a town of 35.000 people located near the northern border with Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, following repeated breakdowns of the local water supply system.

Typhoid in Tajikistan

December 20, 2004

More than 50 people including 40 children have contracted typhoid fever in southwestern Tajikistan and have been hospitalised, a health ministry official reported. All the cases wre recorded in the village of Kolkhozabad, some 120 km south of the capital Dushanbe, the official told AFP, adding that a nearby pond may be contaminated.

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